Those Dreaded Gnats! Listen to their new CD "A Dreaded Xmas - more xmas negatives". Come listen, as they've re-recorded all the songs from their Demo CD, to perfection, plus added a number of new songs never before released. "A Dreaded Xmas" was also mastered by the one and only Phil Judd, who was a founding member of the Australia/New Zealand bands SPLIT ENZ, and THE SWINGERS. (He's also recently released a new CD as well, called Novelty Act)

One of the many things that makes THOSE DREADED GNATS, "A Dreaded Xmas" so compelling, is their sense of humor. Though most of the songs are Gnat originals, they've even done a remake of the classic "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" that is hilarious! What adds to its charm is that it's a reggae version of the song! Some of the lyrics were also changed for a full Jamaican/Rasta feel. Blessings were given to use this song by Elmo Shropshire, who recorded and sang the original version, as the duo Elmo and Patsy.

"A Dreaded Xmas - more xmas negatives", has had a couple of songs included in the independent movie "A Halfway House Christmas". It features Robert Romanus (remember him as Damone, in Fast Times at Ridgemount High), comedian/Police Academy actor Bobcat Goldthwait as a narrator (his rendition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is a riot), Ryan Dunn and Rakeyohn, from the Jackass movies, and then some. And if you purchase the movie on DVD, you'll hear almost all of the songs from "A Dreaded Xmas" as background music in the extras.