Who the hell are THOSE DREADED GNATS? They are Harry Kopy and George Simonovich. Two seasoned musicians who've worked together for years. These talented and witty guys have finally taken their craft, and are making it available to the public. Along with several studio musicians, "A Dreaded Xmas" is musically and lyrically, a sensation in the making! One of the many things that makes THOSE DREADED GNATS, "A Dreaded Xmas" so compelling, is their sense of humor. Though most of the songs are Gnat originals, they've even done a remake of the classic "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" that is hilarious! What adds to its charm is that it's a reggae version of the song! Some of the lyrics were also changed for a full Jamaican/Rasta feel. Blessings were given to use this song by Elmo Shropshire, who recorded and sang the original version, as part of the duo Elmo and Patsy.


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